VISION: AI for the next 6 billion

AI Foundry was born out of an understanding that all companies and in particular AI focused companies are unique and have their own trajectory. We create the right conditions for success, designed to reduce the risk of failure. We bring the right resources - best talent, cutting edge research, gritty entrepreneurs and the required expertise together to make it happen.

The Rise of AI

In 1900 35% of people used to work on farms & 25% in Factories, in 2015 it was 2% in Farms & 9% in Factories – Ray Kurzweil. This is going to result in new kind of society, jobs and businesses not seen earlier.

Connect is the 7th sense

By 2020, 25 – 50 billion connected devices will store so much about us and our world to power seamless, almost sensory actions. This will lead to rewiring of products, processes and eventually entire industries, catalyzing trillions of dollars worth of unseen economic value.

We invest in such possibilities..