Frequently Asked Questions

1What is AI Foundry?
AIoT Foundry is a venture studio that provides capital and resources like talent, data, domain expertise and research insights to nurture AI focused startups with an aim to create impact for the next 6 billion users.
2What kind of impact is AI Foundry looking at?
Any ideas that seek to address problems in areas like healthcare, education, smart city & mobility, education, future of work, financial inclusion, fraud prevention, data driven agriculture and cyber security would be of interest to AI Foundry. Anything that can improve the lives of the next 6 billion users!
3How is AI Foundry different from an incubator?
While an incubator provides basic services to get your startup off the ground, AIoT Foundry goes way beyond that, acting as a co-founder and providing much more substantial capital resource support.
4I'm an entrepreneur with an idea. How can AI Foundry help me?
What kind of capital support does AI Foundry provide?
AI Foundry provides initial seed funding along with other resource support (access to the best AI talent from across the world, data, domain expertise, research and )
5I am a leading company in my sector. How can I get involved in building AI for the next 6 billion in my industry?
We collaborate with leading companies and startups, identifying synergies to build products that are aligned to a joint vision. We also help incorporate AI in creative ways into your organisation.
6How can my research institution/lab contribute to AI for good?
The cutting edge of AI research takes place in the best of universities and research labs across the world. We are a conduit for the implementation of applied AI, helping actualize research ideas & insights into the real world.
7What partnerships are you looking at with government bodies/policy-makers?
Government and regulatory agencies have a paramount role to play - we are happy to collaborate and find ways to create an ideal AI enabled future for all.